The majority of people feel comfortable with the pictures of smiling vets and breeders praising the commercial pet food they feed their dog. Or perhaps, you’ve been assured by your personal vet of the fact that their food offer is guaranteed to be healthy and balanced.

For your dog’s sake Be a little skeptical. Don’t be convinced by anybody (including my) that what they’re trying to sell you is the best for your dog’s interests.

Instead, it may be in their best interests if they make the sale by convincing you.

If you’re having a problem understanding the concept of dog food that is raw food, I suggest that it’s not your issue, but your dog’s.

Dogs evolved on eating raw food over millennia. If you have any type of concerns concerning where and the best ways to use First Source Pet Foods Reno, you can call us at our own web page. Humans only recently took an interest in the making of dog food.

Do you think, just for a second that humans were capable of altering the digestive system of the domestic dog and its immune system in fifty odd years?

You may well say that humans have had an impact on the way dogs look and behave, with the various breeds. Yes, that’s true. But have you also noticed that pedigree dogs are also among the healthiest? What I call”a Heinz 57 dog, is generally healthier.

Thus, in breeding a select breed of dog, humans have gone against nature, by focusing on one or more characteristics until the dog breed is what breeders want.

The same is true for food. Humans play with food, under the pretense of’science’. I refer to it as junk science because there’s nothing scientific about pet food that is sold in the market. Science is now adored by the majority. Just as the word ‘natural’ is currently enjoying popularity.

So a clever commercial dog food manufacturer uses the words’science’ and/or ‘natural’ in the advertisement, to draw you into.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything that’s of high quality in the pack or could it be any other thing. There’s no way of knowing what the method of preparation was or what is in each packet.

Raw dog food, on the other hand it is a complete source of necessary nutrients for the health of your dog.

I am aware that it might take some time to comprehend the idea, because you’ve likely been raised on the idea that commercial pet food is the best way to go.

If that was true, how cum that the health of your dog will improve when a switch from commercial to raw dog food? The only way to be sure is going to discover the truth is to test it yourself.

You may be worried about the presence of bacteria and parasites in dog food that is raw.

These aren’t something that dogs have to worry about, whose digestive system is robust and filled with powerful digestive juices. Dogs aren’t carnivores; they’re multi-cellular, which means that they are able to eat almost anything (as as long as it’s fresh) even vegetation and decaying carcasses.

In actual fact, you’ll observe that when feeding raw dog food, fleas and worms decrease and even disappear.

Dogs are afflicted by unnatural foods – those that are cookedor with preservatives. None of these are organic. Cooking degrades vitamins and also denatures the other nutrients.

I can assure you, that your dogs health will be improved significantly as you begin feeding raw dog food. There could be a de-toxing initial phase and this is completely normal, natural and takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Why not try it for the next month to see for yourself? What do you stand to lose?